How to I determine the best travel towel?

best travel towel

How to I determine the best travel towel?

Best Travel Towel

How do I tell which is the best travel towel and why should I want one?

Travel towels are more compact, lightweight, absorbent and quick drying than your standard bathroom towels. They are an essential part of your travel kit.

However, there are a number of differences between one and another.


In terms of quality, the best way to determine quality is to conduct a stretch test. Try stretching the fabric. A high quality microfibre travel towel will let no light whatsoever pass through. A lower quality towel will show pin pricks of light passing through. Also, check the edge of the travel towel. A high quality towel will be stitched around the edge to ensure durability.

Best mix of properties

Microfibre towels are a mix of polyester and polyamide. They are normally made from a mix of between 70% – 85% polyester and 15% – 30% polyamide. For the best mix of properties of compactness, lightness, absorbency, durability and strength and 80% / 20% ration is employed. As travel towel made with this ratio will not shrink and stretch like other towels.


Some travel towels are treated with silver ions in order to reduce bacteria. This treatment provides fresher towels for longer. Other towels use a silver nano particle treatment which is reportedly harmful. Still others have no treatment at all and can quickly develop unpleasant odours.


Travel towels come in a variety of sizes. Towels about the size of a face washer can be used to dry your body by drying and wringing. They are very compact and for some people are ideal due to weight and compactness. Some people like a towel that will cover them and wrap around in the same way a normal towel will. Others prefer a trade off between the two.


The best travel towel will come with a loop to hang them on a door or wall. This can be important when using a shared bathroom or a bathroom in a cheaper hotel or backpackers.

Mesh bag

The best travel towel will also come with a mesh bag when sold in larger sizes. The mesh bags are not generally made for smaller travel towels.

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