Europe is a fascinating continent steeped in history. Its buildings on average, are older than anywhere else in the world. It has diversity, where languages, culture and cuisine change from one country to the next. Some of the world’s most famous festivals, buildings and museums exist in Europe.

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A sunken city!

It can easily be traversed by either train or bus. In the north of Western Europe, most people speak at least a smattering of English and school children are taught to speak English. In other parts, English is well spoken by many in tourist areas.

Some of the most famous icons include The Eiffel Tower in France, The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Vatican and canals of Venice in Italy, Buckingham Palace in England, the mountains and lakes in Switzerland and many more.

Europe stretches from Greenland and Iceland in the north west to Russia in the east and Turkey in the south east. It spans a number of vastly different cultures and linguistic groups. Even within a country, the accents and language may vary greatly. Customs vary immensely from one country to the next. It is an area where almost all countries have been at war with their neighbours at some time.

Europe is very easy to travel. However, it can also be very expensive. Food is usually of good quality. Quite often in Southern Mediterranean countries, it is cheaper to eat a large lunch than a large dinner, especially when having a fixed price menu. This is because lunch is the customary large meal of the day in these countries.

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