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10 reasons to buy travel gear online at Travel Ideology

Why buy travel gear online with Travel Ideology

10 reasons to buy travel gear online are:

  • you prefer to pay a lot less for exactly the same thing.
  • maybe you don’t like to waste time going into physical stores.
  • possibly you buy your travel gear whilst naked and the people in Kent St just don’t understand.
  • you don’t like paying someone else’s rent.
  • probably you don’t like store personnel insisting you buy something you don’t want.
  • you don’t like store personnel telling you to come back, it will be coming in.
  • Travel Ideology have something not stocked in Kent st or the local store.
  • you don’t like paying for high priced city salaries.
  • maybe you’re a movie star and even dark glasses don’t stop the constant autograph requests.
  • perhaps you look like a movie star and want to avoid the autographs.

you don’t like sitting next to that smelly person on the bus or train and the parking is too expensive