10 reasons to buy travel gear online at Travel Ideology


10 reasons to buy travel gear online at Travel Ideology

Why buy at Travel Ideology

10 reasons to buy at Travel Ideology are:

  • you prefer to pay a lot less for exactly the same thing.
  • Generally, Travel Ideology’s prices are significantly cheaper.

  • maybe you don’t like to waste time going into physical stores.
  • Why spend time getting presentable, only to have to search for what you want, speak with unhelpful customer service officers, be told that they will have to get that in for you and come back.

  • possibly you buy your travel gear whilst naked and the people in Kent St just don’t understand.
  • You can order naked from your bed. Nobody will notice. In fact we are sure people do it all the time.

  • you don’t like paying someone else’s rent.
  • Kent St rent is very very expensive and this must be factored into their prices.

  • probably you don’t like store personnel insisting you buy something you don’t want.
  • How many times has a customer service person tried to sell you on something that you don’t need and don’t want because they needed to get rid of it?

  • you don’t like store personnel telling you to come back, it will be coming in.
  • Quite often the product is not in stock. That means that you either return or it will be sent just like an online store.

  • Travel Ideology have something not stocked in Kent st or the local store.
  • Not all the products we stock are available elsewhere. Some are unique and best in class.

  • you don’t like paying for high priced city salaries.
  • Labour cost of expensive customer service officers doing nothing when nobody’s there are trying to sell you on stuff you don’t need when you are there must also be factored into the price you pay.

  • maybe you’re a movie star and even dark glasses don’t stop the constant autograph requests.
  • We have a number of movie stars living in and visiting Sydney all the time.

  • Maybe you live remotely and it is inconvenient to get to a travel gear store.
  • Travel Ideology can ship anywhere in Australia. On special request, we can also ship overseas. However, unfortunately this is expensive.

you don’t like sitting next to that smelly or disease ridden person on the bus or train and the parking is too expensive.

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