South America

South America guanacos

South America

South America

South America is a wonderful continent to travel for the adventurous. It can be very cheap but also dangerous for the unaware.

Macchu Picchu, South America

Travel to Macchu Picchu

This continent is one of the lesser travelled continents in the world. It offers the traveller natural beauty, history at Macchu Picchu and Trujillo that pre-dates Europe’s, waterfalls that make Niagara look like a dripping tap and its fiestas are parties on steroids. It is home to amazing wildlife, with The Galapagos, Amazon and Pantanal amongst the most impressive areas. These offer some of the most amazing diversities of animal life on the planet.

The continent is best explored by bus and air passes. Food and accommodation is relatively cheap. In the south of the continent, transport may be by luxury coaches. In the remote areas in the north it may mean sharing the back of a 4WD taxi with passengers and their live chickens.

Dangers of South America

Whilst tourists can encounter problems throughout the continent, the north of the continent, houses more danger than the south. The Darien Gap between Colombia and Panama is run by terrorists, drug lords and others attempting to escape from the rest of the world. It is mainly dense jungle with alligators and large snakes. Venezuela, French Guinea, Guyana and Suriname still hold no go zones for all but the most adventurous of travellers.

Countries of the Southern Continent

The following countries are in South America





chile flag Chile


french guinea French Guinea


peru, South AmericaPeru

paraguay, South AmericaParaguay

suriname, South AmericaSuriname

uruguay flagUruguay




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