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sydney tours deposit

Deposit for Travel Ideology Sydney Tour

Deposit for Travel Ideology Sydney Tour.

travel money belt

Travel Money Belt RFID

Travel Money Belt RFID

Travel Money Belt RFID by Travel Ideology is the best way to carry your travel money. Having your money, cards and passports stolen when travelling can be a real pain and may stop your travel plans dead in their tracks. This is why you need a good money wallet to keep your money safe and to provide peace of mind. This body contoured, heavy duty design is a durable, compact, lightweight, travel money belt offering highest quality.

Multiple compartments for better storage

Two zippered pockets allow you to separate documents and currencies. This makes it easier to separate and find things quickly when you need to.

RFID technology incorporated

RFID Blocking Technology protects your personal details from RFID hackers and keep your credit cards and passports safe from unauthorised access. These days there are reports of people who have had their cards hacked on an all too often basis. Don’t let your cards be even more statistics.

Adjustable strap

Soft elastic adjustable waist strap provides comfort regardless of your size.

Hygienic and breathable

Hygienic breathable material with moisture wicking sweat protection at its back will keep you dry and comfortable.

Lightweight and compact travel money belt

Its ultra-slim, lightweight compact design makes it ideal for trips that last months or years.

Strap concealment

Is compartment for hiding the wallet strap will keep it neat.

Quality material, stitching, zips and buckles

Only the highest quality material, stitching, zips and buckles are used to ensure longevity and your comfort.

Water resistant

It is water resistant to keep your documents dry.

Shrink and stretch

Shrink and stretch resistance ensure it will have a long life.

Concealed weapon again criminals

Designed to be worn under clothes it makes it impossible for pickpockets to gain access easily.

Dimensions: 14 x 29cm
Materials: 420D fabric / 170T lining / With mesh backing

You may consider a travel pen to go in your travel belt or a leather belt with hidden compartment.

leather belt - hidden compartment

Leather Travel Belt with hidden money compartment

Unique high quality leather travel belt

This unique high quality unisex leather travel belt has a 50cm hidden compartment for storing your cash whilst travelling. This is ideal solution for travel through some of the world’s more unsafe areas. Even when muggings take place, our belt appears like a normal belt and can accommodate sufficient cash to get you out of trouble. Hundreds of dollars can easily be stored in this personal money security device. This will mean the difference between spending the night on the street without anything to eat or waiting in a nice hotel room with a nice meal. The Travel Ideology travel belt with hidden compartment could be your life saver. Moreover, this is the best travel belt on the market. So, don’t settle for anything less.

This stylish black fashion accessory is equally in place and can be worn in a wedding, business meeting, business class flight, 5 star hotel or a backpackers hostel.

James Bond wears a black leather Prada belt in the movie Quantum of Solace. However, if he were more than a fictitious character, he would want to be wearing a Travel Ideology leather belt in real life. Moreover, our belt is more stylish and can get him through the night if he is drugged in a poker game and his wallet is stolen.

Travel Belt Features

Some of the features are as follows:

  • stylish
  • high quality leather
  • hidden compartment is a huge 50cm giving more space for storing backup cash
  • fashionable, comfortable, durable stylish black leather
  • high quality stitching
  • Unisex – for men and women

If you are going overseas you need one of these.

Which belt is my size?

  • small fits waist 74cm to 89cm
  • medium fits waist 84cm to 99cm
  • large fits waist 94cm to 109cm
  • extra large waist 104cm to 119cm

If you want to travel off the well beaten track, this belt is a must have. No other belt comes close to this one for effective storage of money in third world countries.
We offer a large range of travel money security options. You may also be interested in our travel money belt.

a piece of travel gear

Personalised Luggage Tags

Personalised Luggage Tags

Personalised Luggage tags mean that there is no mistaking your luggage at the carousel. Create your own luggage tags. We make two of exactly the same design. You create your design and upload it to us using the specifications below. We print it directly onto plastic. It is not a plastic wannabee laminate. We then add a backing plate to keep it from breaking (and to hide your contact details) and a quality cord to attach it to your luggage without breaking. Pricing includes free return postage within Australia. There is no need for a pretty ribbon. You will be able to see and identify your luggage from afar. There will be no argument as to whose it is. If lost and you have your name and contact it will be easy for authorities to identify who it belongs to.

We print your name and phone number on the hidden reverse side of the luggage tags.
Personalised Luggage Tag - Reverse side
We will ask you details for the back of tag at checkout.

Specifications for your front image
Please create your JPG at 1370 x 2126 pixels using the CMYK colour space. Name the file with your surname for ease of identification. If there are multiple designs required, then use your surname and then 1,2,3,4,etc as the name. Please note that you must own the copyright to any images submitted.

We will email you when we receive your order. Please email your design back to us.

Buy your luggage tags today at Travel Ideology, your one stop Australian shop for quality travel gear and accessories.

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travel towel

Travel Towel, highest quality | Travel Ideology

Highest Quality Travel Towel

Highest quality travel towel. A Travel Ideology travel towel is made with highest quality high thread count viscose microfibers at 80% polyester and 20% polyamide for the best combination of compactness, near weightlessness, extreme drying ability, high absorbency, silky softness and high durability.

Here are some great benefits of a Travel Ideology highest quality microfiber Towel:

Highest Quality

Unlike many other leading microfiber towels, even when you pull the towel from the ends and hold it to the light, you will not be able to see through it. This is because of the high quality, the close weave and high thread count. It is light, soft and thirsty.


Small size! It is a fraction ( one fifth the size) of the size of a conventional towel and takes up next to no space in your travel pack.


Lightweight! It is much lighter compared to that of standard sized towels and even lighter than other microfiber towels.

Quick Drying

Fast drying! It dries up to 10 times quicker than bathroom towels, so it is ready to reuse again quicker than your standard towel.

Super Absorbent

It can hold up to 8 times its own weight in water and wring out, to dry even more. This is just what you want when travelling. Wick away the moisture and then dry quickly.

Extremely Hygienic

It is treated with silver ions (not the reportedly harmful silver nano particle treatment). Our treatment helps to prevent the development of unpleasant odours, germs, mould and bacteria. It keeps the towel fresh and hygienic for longer. No pong, no smells. Come up smelling of roses with the best travel towel available.

Strong and Durable

It will outlast your conventional towels and other microfiber towels many times. Our towel will last 10 times longer than a conventional one if looked after. This is a long lasting towel that you can keep using for a lifetime of adventures.

Soft on the skin

It has a super soft high suede finish so it is soft on the skin. Unlike a normal bathroom towel, it pulls the water from the skin. This feels a little strange at first but you will never look back.

Machine washable

Just throw it in the washing machine and wash in cold water. See washing instructions below.

Easy to hang

Your towel has a convenient loop for hanging it from a door or wall. This prevents it from falling to the dirty floor.

Two Colours

Available in a lime green or bright blue.

Handy Sizes

Your travel towel comes in 4 handy sizes

  • Small 40 x 40 cm (no mesh bag)
  • Medium 55 x 110cm (no mesh bag)
  • Large 80 x 130cm (with mesh bag)
  • Extra Large 90 x 180cm (with mesh bag)

The two larger size towels come with a stylish mesh bag to protect on the trip.

Our largest travel towel can wrap around like a conventional towel.

Won’t shrink or stretch

The Travel Ideology towel will remain the same size without any tendency to shrink or stretch as with some other materials.

No wrinkles

Unlike other materials, it does not wrinkle.

Protected edge

It has a protected edge to ensure that the edge does not fray or tear.

Lifetime warranty

If you are not satisfied with our highest quality travel towel, send back the towel and we will give you a full refund.

Lower cost

It is considerably cheaper than many competitors’ offerings of similar or lower standard. This represents much better value for you.

In every way it is the highest quality microfiber personal drying product you will find.

Washing instructions

  • Wash separately
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not use bleach

Drying instructions

  • Dry in sun or use lowest heat setting on dryer

An extract from Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy explains

A towel, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. Partly it has great practical value. You can wrap it around you for warmth lie on it sleep under ityou can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough.”

A Travel Ideology Highest Quality Travel Towel is an even more massively useful thing and you won’t even need to travel to the far reaches of the universe to appreciate it!

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Daniel Preter Tour

Walking with wild kangaroos Tour for 4 people

travel more for less book

Travel More For Less

Travel More For Less with this great little travel book for saving you money for long term travel.

If you are planning a long trip overseas, this is the resource you want.

Budget Travelling Book

This budget travel book provides information on how to obtain a passport and visas, to saving money on airfares, accommodation, transport, sightseeing, eating, travel insurance and everything else. It will help you overcome any apprehensions you have about leaving everything behind and going on the road. Learn the best ways to keep your money safe whilst travelling. It will run through the different options for travelling with other people or by yourself. You will learn about the dangers faced when travelling and how to avoid them. Find discounts, book differently, do things differently and save money.

Save Money and Travel

This publication will help you work out what to pack and what to pack it in for your next big trip. The travel book talks about the process of engaging guides and drivers. It provides useful information about taking photos. Moreover, it sill help you in doing laundry, maintaining power for electrical devices, looking after your telecommunications requirements, etc. Furthermore, it provides briefs on learning languages, the best value countries, the best festivals, and local customs to be aware of.

Regardless of age, if this is your first big trip, this travel book can save you a great deal of money and time. It is great for young adults taking a gap year and it is also great for older adults who have just retired and are ready to take the big international trip they have been preparing for.

Voyage better

Learn how to plan your trip, ways to save money on flights, accommodation,  attractions and travel gear.  Find out how to organise passports and visas, the importance of travel insurance and emergency first aid kits and how to keep your money safe on the way.

About the Author

Bruce Josephs has visited over 90 countries and external territories spanning every continent and most major cultural regions. The book is his way of giving back to the next generation who wish to do the same. It is the culmination of 30 years of journeying around the world. He has boarded planes, trains and automobiles as well as camels, horses, motorcycle taxis and a myriad or watercraft to make his adventures happen.

Buy your copy today!

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first aid kit

Travel First Aid Kit

Travel First Aid Kit

Travel First Aid Kit by Travel Ideology is the ultimate in compact travel first aid for people who want to travel off the beaten path or for long term travel. It contains 77 pieces of essential travel first aid kit for travellers. This kit can be used to treat bleeding, burns, fractures, scratches, bites, dehydration, hyperthermia, etc and comes in a hard fully waterproof casing. The items inside ae protected against breakage and water damage. This is important for a go anywhere kit. If it is not constrained by anything else and you top over in a boat, it is designed to float.

The kit can be used to treat the following:
Wounds, Grazes, Abrasions, Scratches, Cuts, Splinters, Punctures
Strains, Sprains, Tears, Bruises, Dislocations, Fractures
Scalds, Burns
Eye Injury
Tropical Ulcers
Exposure to Cold or Heat
Stings and Bites

The perfect travel first aid kit

Preparing your travel medical kit (first aid kit) is an essential part of your trip preparation. Your kit needs to be created with your destination and personal issues in mind. It should cover pre-existing issues as well as items that are particular to your destination as well as the issues that you may face anywhere on your travels. We have put together a very good kit. However, it is not complete. Depending on your destination, you may need antibiotics, anti-malarial medication, etc which can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription. There is space for them in the container. You may also need hand sanitizer, sunscreen, birth control, insecticides, mosquito netting, etc.

Who are we?

Travel Ideology sell and produce highest quality travel products. If it wears the Travel Ideology label, it is the best you can get in its class.

Travel First Aid Kit

This travel first aid kit is the best you will find for long term or remote independent travel.

  • All stock is fresh for longest life.
  • Designed by Bruce Josephs, a person who has travelled to over 90 countries and external territories on all continents.
  • Designed for compactness and effectiveness
  • The ultimate for people doing long term or remote travel
  • Waterproof container not just water resistant
  • Durable kit not just a wrap around so no breakages
  • Australian owned and operated
  • It offers hydrogen peroxide in a small spray bottle, increasing its effectiveness.
  • It provides powder antiseptic. In tropical areas, creams are completely ineffective and without a powder, tropical ulcers become a major problem.
  • The kit contains a cold pack for treating sprains quickly and effectively
  • It provides a thermal blanket, handy in remote areas where cold can be a factor.
  • It contains a compact thermometer for testing temperature quickly and easily

What’s included?

Kit Contains
Antiseptic powder 12.5g (1)
Bandage clip (1)
Bandaid (10)
Burn aid sachet 3.5g (2)
Cotton tips (10)
Crepe bandage 10cm x 4 m (1)
Gauze pieces 7.5cm x 7.5cm (3)
Heavy weight conforming bandage 10cm x 4m (1)
Hydralyte (3 satchels)
Ibuprofen (20 tablets)
Instant cold pack small 80g (1)
Itch relief cream sachet (1)
Micropore adhesive tape 1.25cm wide x 9 m (1)
Needle (1)
Safety pins (3)
Saline ampules (2)
Scissors (1)
Small spray bottle 6% hydrogen peroxide (1)
Strepsils (6)
Thermal blanket (1)
Thermometer (1)
Tweezers (1)
Wound closure strips (5)

Why I need a first aid kit?

When accidents happen and you are in the middle of nowhere or in a country where it is difficult to communicate due to language issues, you want to be able to get yourself out of trouble at least until you can see a doctor.

What should I take?

There is balance here between buying and carting around whole pharmacy and packing light. You need to make sure that you have enough to get yourself out of trouble.

So what do I need and why?

Antiseptic powder 12.5g (1)

When you travel in hot humid climates, there is a higher chance of tropical ulcers and antiseptic creams and liquids will just not stay put long enough to do any good. The powder absorbs the liquid and kills a wide range of germs, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and simple organisms and is used as an antiseptic for the treatment and prevention of infection in minor skin trauma including burns, cuts and other minor injuries.

Bandage clip (1)

This is the easiest way to hold a bandage in place.

Bandaid (10)

These fix small cuts and abrasions which will undoubtedly happen over a long period of travel. Cuts and abrasions are the most common form of injury. Band aids can also be used for helping with blisters.

Burn aid sachet 3.5g (2)

Burnaid is for minor burns, scalds and sunburn. It provides antiseptic cooling that cools and soothes and helps relieve pain.

Cotton tips (10)

Cotton tips and for cleansing, removal of debris and for applying ointments and hydrogen peroxide.

Crepe bandage 10cm x 4 m (1)

For when you have something a bit bigger than a cut, basic crepe bandages are useful for keeping small dressings clean and in place until you can get some medical attention.

Gauze pieces 7.5cm x 7.5cm (3)

Use it to apply pressure to a wound, clean an injury, soak up blood, help stop bleeding, and even form part of a basic dressing for small-to-medium wounds. The best type of gauze to carry in a first aid kit is individually wrapped sterile squares. This eliminates the need to cut them to size when you need them quickly and obviously makes it easier to keep the wound clean and sterile.

Heavy weight conforming bandage 10cm x 4m (1)

These are for larger injuries.

Hydralyte (3 satchels)

When you vomit, you lose essential salts. This will rehydrate you quickly.

Ibuprofen (20 tablets)

This helps with pain relief.

Instant cold pack small 80g (1)

To control and alleviate the gore and pain caused by strain, bruise, pull and burn, also can rapidly remove the pain and discomfort induced by fever, headache, toothache, mosquito bite

Itch relief cream sachet (1)

Relief from insect bites, tree scratches, etc

Micropore adhesive tape 1.25cm wide x 9 m (1)

Surgical tape is one of those essential emergency items for when you need to apply and secure gauze or a bandage to a wound, although plasters can do the same job if need be. It can be handy in other situations as well.

Needle (1)

Used for extracting splinters, ticks, etc.

Safety pins (3)

Used to attach bandages

Saline ampules (2)

You can use sterile saline solution to wash out eyes and clean cuts & grazes.

Scissors (1)

Useful for trimming gauze or bandages to size. Just be careful if you do carry scissors to ensure that your first aid kit goes in your checked bag when you are in transit or else airline security will take them off you.

Small spray bottle 6% hydrogen peroxide (1)

This is a great way to clean cuts.

Strepsils (6)

These aid with sore throat.

Thermal blanket (1)

Used to prevent/counter hypothermia.

Thermometer (1)

Used for checking temperature.

Tweezers (1)

Useful for pulling out splinters, getting out little bits of stone or dirt when cleaning a wound.

Wound closure strips (5)

Used to attach bandages.


Dimensions of kit: 21cm x 15cm x 7cm

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Disclaimer: The above is from my perspective. This first aid kit has been created after experience travelling to every continent and over 90 countries and external territories around the world. However, first aid is limited to my own travel experience. I am not a doctor and as such any advice is of a general nature only.

travellers pen

Travellers Pen

Travellers Pen

Want a small pen, tiny pen, pen for travelling? The Travel Ideology Travellers Pen is an elegant, black, metal, mini travel pen that is a privilege to own and use. It is compact, stylish and affordable.

Compact Travel Pen
At only 10.5cm long, you will be hard pressed to find another one so compact. Its slim compact size means that it will easily slip into any money wallet, pack or even into many smart phone cases.

Stylish Travel Pen
This high end writing instrument is luxury. The metal body and smooth flow nib together with its slim design give it an elegant, graceful look and feel. It uses a twist mechanism usually associated with expensive pens rather than the cheaper click mechanism.

Affordable Travel Pen
It is a well designed high end piece of luxury without the price tag. At only $9.95 there is no reason to delay.

Ideal for travel
It is ideal for filling in customs forms when transiting from one country to another. You can write your travel diary or fill in hotel documentation or provide your details to someone you met so that you can meet up again later. It is your ideal travel pen.


You may also consider one of our RFID travel money belts or leather belts with hidden compartments for your trip.

travel course

Travel Course – Travel More for Less

Travel Book

Lets face it; we all like to travel and wouldn’t it be nice if we could do it cheaper and get the same or better value?  A Travel Ideology Travel Course will help you save money and make your travel dollars go further.
We run a travel course – travel more for less – throughout Sydney that will assist you to get better value from your travel dollars. If you follow the steps we teach, you will save many many times the price of this course when you book and take your trip.

Our travel more for less travel course includes:

  • Planning your trip
  • How do I get a passport and visa?
  • Where do I buy foreign currency and how do I carry my money?
  • Who to travel with?
  • Which travel Insurance is best value for me?
  • How do I get the best value flights? and flight tips.
  • Where do I find the best value accommodation? What types of accommodation are available?
  • How do I get around?
  • Where is it safe to eat?
  • How do I find out what there is to see and do and how do I know if it is worthwhile?
  • Should I take tours? or a guide and driver?
  • What sort of photographic equipment should I bring?
  • How do I do my laundry when I am away?
  • What do I need to bring to make sure I can charge my electrical devices?
  • What do I need to do to make my phone work in other countries?
  • How do I get the best price when I need to haggle?
  • Do I need to speak the language of the country I visit? What is the best way to learn?
  • Which countries give me best value?
  • What do I need to know about travel scams? How do I keep safe?
  • What about getting sick?
  • What should I bring?

Contact Bruce Josephs on (0412) 016 568 and we can explain the next course in your area.

If you want, we can come interstate to run the course. Please call us to discuss.

No courses are currently scheduled. Please book directly through their website.

christmas gift pack

Christmas Gift. Perfect travel gift for travel & travellers.

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift. This is an ideal present for the first time overseas traveller. Whether it be a son, daughter, friend, mother, father, niece or nephew. This wonderful gift will earn brownie points from the receiver.

Travel Ideology’s Christmas pack includes the essentials for a first time traveller at a greatly reduced price.

The Travel Ideology Christmas pack includes:

  • Underclothes Money Pouch – RFID protected, comfortable – protect your money, credit cards, travel documents and passport
  • Travel Towel (130cm x 80 cm) – thirstier, lighter, more durable – Get the best travel towel for your journey.
  • Travellers Pen – elegant, small. This is ideal for filling in customs and immigration forms.
  • Travel Ideology First Aid Kit – designed especially for the long term and remote traveller. This is the best first aid kit available.
  • Travel More for Less (print edition) – written by a world traveller for prospective world travellers. Learn techniques to help you travel more for less.

These items are the best in their class. Moreover, they are the best quality money can buy.

If you know someone who is going off on a gap year, travelling to remote places, is a first time traveller, and many other instances, this is the ideal Christmas gift.

At $125 it represents a 34% discount on RRP, an excellent value for money opportunity.