Berlitz Central and Southern Africa Phrase Book

Berlitz Central and Southern Africa Phrase Book


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Berlitz Central and Southern Africa Phrase Book and Dictionary

Berlitz Central and Southern Africa Phrase Book and Dictionary is an essential part of your trip to central and southern Africa. This brand new multi-language phrase book will ensure you travel throughout Central and South Africa with ease. The languages featured are: Portuguese, Tswana, Shona, Afrikaans, French and Swahili. These are major languages in the region and sometimes beyond. With these languages you will easily propel yourself through the region. …and who can forget Hakuna Matata the Swahili phrase that means no worries. Already famous in Kenya but made even more famous by Disney’s lion king.

Central and Southern Africa is the latest phrase book

A new addition to the best-selling phrasebook series, it features a fresh, crisp design with vivid color photography, eye-catching color-coding, and user-generated content. Sections such as Food and Drink and In an Emergency provide words and phrases you’ll need in everyday situations. Further, there’s lots of useful information on the African people and culture, as well as travel and safety. So you can get the most out of your trip. Up-to-date content includes essential phrases such as What is the WiFi password?, I’ll put the pictures on Facebook, Where can I charge my phone? and much more. With a Berlitz phrase book, you will always have the words you need.

Smartphone dilemma

Whilst it is easy to think that you will just use your smartphone, in many African countries this is just not going to work. In many large cities you may find people who can speak English. However, smaller towns have very poorly developed or in some cases no mobile coverage. In this instance, a smartphone will not necessarily work. Even downloading relies on sufficient battery charge. …and what happens if heaven forbid, you lose or damage your mobile smart phone.

This happens more often than people imagine. Be prepared and take a phrase book with you. You may be able to learn something before you go. This will make your experience more fulfilling than it would otherwise be.

  • Format: Paperback | 244 pages
  • Publication date: 01 Jul 2015
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