Monarch 2 keychain torch | Leatherman

Monarch 2 keychain torch | Leatherman


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The Leatherman Monarch 2 keychain torch is a handy light to have on your travels. It is small and convenient with a powerful beam of light to guide you at night. The tiny size and powerful light and ability to fit in your pocket make it an ideal travel companion.

The Monarch 2 might be small, measuring in at only 5cm in length, but it packs a punch for such a small torch. The size makes it a great addition to your key ring so it is right where you need it when you need it.

It is a quality product. Its sturdy aluminium casing means that if you drop it, it will still be in good working order. It is also waterproof and dust proof, a definite advantage on the road.


– ANSI max luminous flux (lm): 20
– ANSI max beam distance (m): 20
– ANSI peak beam density: 100
– ANSI working time (h): 1.5
– Impact resistance level: 1m pass
– Dust-proof & waterproof level (IPXX): IPX4
– Battery quantity & type: 4xAG13 (included)
– Anodised aluminium body
– Perfect keychain size
– Keyring attachment


Monarch 2:

– Diameter: 0.6″ | 1.4cm
– Length: 2″ | 5.1cm
– Weight: 0.7oz | 19.9g

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