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Neck Wallet | Sea to Summit


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Neck Wallet

Sea to Summit Neck wallet is an excellent under shirt money security option.
Conceal your valuables against your body while travelling with the 5 Pocket Neck Pouch. The soft and comfortable webbing neck strap is adjustable for the perfect fit regardless of your body shape or size. Moreover, the pouches come with a water and/or perspiration resistant fabric lining and have a soft mesh outer for comfort against your skin. Furthermore, there are a number of different sized compartments to suit coins, notes, passports and tickets.

Protecting your travel money and passport is an essential part of your travels. We have seen Western travellers begging on streets of third world countries after losing everything. Moreover, always keep your money safe, in different areas of your person and baggage and inn different forms.

Neck wallets are a great way to keep your money, passport and other valuables safe against your chest under your clothes.


Five pockets to keep money, passport and tickets safe and accessible
Low profile design to conceal your travel valuables
Soft 3D mesh for comfort against your skin
Soft and comfortable adjustable webbing neck strap
Lined with water and/or perspiration resistant UltraSil® fabric
Description Weight
Neck Wallet 46g

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Sea to Summit

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