Waterproof Playing Cards Australia

Waterproof Playing Cards Australia


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Waterproof playing cards

Waterproof Playing Cards that are high quality, durable, flexible and perfect for travelling. Our playing cards are completely made of plastic. Our cards are not just a laminate and are completely waterproof. With our cards, you can play poker in your swimming pool. You can even play underwater whilst scuba diving if you like. If you spill something on them, just wash it off.

Our playing cards are also highly durable and flexible. They are so flexible that you can even roll them around on themselves without damage to the structure of the card. They will just flip back intact. You can shuffle and deal them and they won’t wear out. Furthermore, they are long lasting and fade resistant. Moreover, because they are made of plastic instead of paper laminate, they will not fade and they will last longer.

The pack in transparent except for the four corners (front and back) and contains a full poker deck including 2 jokers. Play rummy, poker, whatever you like. They are great for a family vacation or a night long cards night with friends. Take them with you when camping. Play cards on your train trip or in your hotel room or tent. When you have finished, just place them back in the plastic storage box.

Please note that whilst there are other companies touting their cards as “waterproof”, this is simply not the case. The distributor may say something like “you can use them on a boat”. You can use normal playing cards on a boat. Once a normal pack of playing cards falls in the water though, they are history.


Model Number: Waterproof Transparent Playing Cards
Material: Plastic
Material: Environmental PET Material
Name: Waterproof Plastic Cards
Size: 57*87 mm
Quantity: 54 pcs (including 2 jokers)
Card thickness: 0.32 mm
Weight: 132 grams

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