Waterproof Uno H2O – Available at Travel Ideology

Waterproof Uno H2O – Available at Travel Ideology


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Waterproof Uno H2O

Waterproof Uno H2O cards are great for travelling. Moreover, they are great for travelling with kids.

Uno is an American card game played with a specially printed deck developed in 1972. Moreover, players need to be first with no cards in your hand. Also, it is similar to crazy eights.

The first player to score 500 points with no cards in their hand wins. Moreover, this is achieved (usually over several rounds of play). Furthermore, a player discards all of their cards and earns points corresponding to the value of the remaining cards still held by the other players. Action cards (Skip, Draw Two and Reverse) are worth 20 Points while Wild and Wild Draw Four cards are worth 50 Points.

Plastic Waterproof Uno Clear Cards. These laminated playing cards are the most durable cards available. They can also be easily wiped clean.

It is suitable for ages 7+

2 – 10 Players

Package Included:

  • 1 x Plastic Cover Case
  • 108 x Game cards
  • 4 x 19 cards from 0 to 9 (in blue, green, red and yellow), 8 draw two cards (2 in each colour),
    8 reverse cards (2 in each colour), 8 skip cards (2 in each colour), 4 wild cards, 4 wild draw four cards,
    1 wild draw one cards,1 wild draw two cards,and the official UNO Cards rules and instructions.

approx 290 grams each pack

The waterproof version is ideal for travel with kids. It keeps everyone occupied and amused. Furthermore, by being waterproof the cards are easily cleaned. Moreover, the game can even be played in the resort swimming pool if desired.

Please note that there is no Mattel logo on the packaging.




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