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Nanolite is probably the smallest flashlight in the world! This powerful pocket flashlight runs on 4 powerful long lasting miniature hearing aid batteries, which power a 5mm LED producing a strong bright light. This is so small, when you compare it with other small torches you can hardly believe how small it is.

Measuring only 36 mm in length and weighing just 5 grams, the True Nanolite is a small keyring flashlight. A handy, bright key-ring torch really and ideal travel piece. With such a small size and weight, True Utility Nanolite fits perfectly on a keyring. With minimalist design and simple twist on/off function, the LED bulb produces an impressive 4 lumens of light. Made from solid brass with electro plated silver finish, the Nanolite is light but strong.

While not all travel requires a torch or flashlight, there are many destinations where it is an advantage. You may not immediately consider packing one when you go but there are countless times when it becomes invaluable. An example is where the owner of this business was at Lake Nakuru in Kenya and was invited to go hippo spotting at night because he had a torch.

– Simple twist on/off. 3 full sets of batteries included.
– Twist on/off switch
– bulb brightness – 4 lumens, Output 0.22 Watt LED
– Water resistant
– 12 x hearing aid batteries included (that means that you have spares when you need them).
– L36 x D7.5mm

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True Utility

True Utility

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