Leather Belt with hidden money compartment




Leather belt with hidden money belt

This unique high quality unisex leather belt has a 50cm compartment for storing your cash whilst travelling. This is ideal for travel through some of the world’s more unsafe areas. Even when muggings take place, this belt appears like a normal belt and can accommodate sufficient cash to get you out of trouble. This may mean the difference between spending the night on the street without anything to eat or waiting in a nice hotel room with a nice meal. The Travel Ideology leather belt with hidden compartment could be your life saver.

Some of the features are as follows:

  • high quality leather with high quality stitching
  • stylish black leather
  • 50cm hidden compartment
  • Unisex – for men and women

If you are going overseas you need one of these.

Which belt is my size?

  • small fits waist 74cm to 89cm
  • medium fits waist 84cm to 99cm
  • large fits waist 94cm to 109cm
  • extra large waist 104cm to 119cm

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small, medium, large, extra large

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