Christmas Shopping List for the big trip.

Christmas Shopping List for the big trip.

Your Christmas Shopping List

There are a number of travel accessories that everyone needs on their Christmas shopping list for the big trip. Following are what you should have on your Christmas shopping list.

Travel More for Less

Travel More for Less helps people to travel the world, seeing and experiencing more for the same or less cost than they otherwise would have spent. It is the quintessential guide to planning and implementing any trip. It brims from cover to cover with tips that will save you money, expand your travel horizons and keep you safe no matter where you want to travel and at what standard you want to do it at.

Travel Towel

You need a Travel Towel. It is essential for any long term trip. The advantages of a high quality travel towel are that it will be compact, lightweight, quick drying, super absorbent, strong a durable, soft or the skin. Moreover, Travel Ideology’s travel towel is the best available in the market.

Money Belt

You need a Money Belt to keep your money, passport and credit cards safe and on your person. These days that means something that is RFID safe as well. The Travel Ideology Money Belt represents excellent value for money and is RFID safe and comfortable.

Small Pen

You need to have a Small Pen to complete your arrivals forms, make notes, take people’s phone numbers or write something on a card for someone. It needs to be small enough that you can keep it with you at all times.

First Aid Kit

For every long term or remote trip, you need to be prepared. A good First Aid Kit will get you out of trouble. Moreover, the Travel Ideology first aid kit is designed specifically for long term and remote travel.

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