Travel Packing Checklist

Travel Packing Checklist

Below is a travel packing checklist. This should help you pack for any trip. Just vary it as you feel depending on where and when you are travelling.

Travel Essentials

 Passport
 Visas
 Tickets (Air/Accommodation/Tours/etc)
 Travel Insurance
 Vaccination Certificate
 Itinerary
 Smart Phone
 Notebook
Small pen to fit in money wallet
 Addresses/phone numbers (including embassies)


 Cash in the local currency of your arrival destination
 Cash in $US, $A, $C, GBP, EURO, etc
 Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted)
Money belt

Medical Kit

Make sure that you have prescriptions for any medicine that is being taken. Also, check that the medication is legal in the country you are entering. Your medical kit should contain the following:
 Band aids
 Compression bandages
 Cotton buds
 Cotton wool
 Antiseptic Powder
 Hydralyte (for rehydration)
 Cough and Cold Mixture/Tablets
 Tea Tree Oil (micro bottle)
 Gastro Stop – for Diarrhoea
 Gauzes
 Hydrogen peroxide (spray bottle)
 Tweezers
 Iodine (or Betadine)
 Motion sickness tablets
 Paracetamol
 Antibiotics – for Giardia
 Antibiotics – for Diarrhoea
 Thermometer


Clothing should be able to be layered, lightweight and quick drying so that it can be used in the variety of weather conditions that you may encounter. Research the weather and climate of the destinations you will be travelling before you go. Don’t bring clothes that need to be ironed. Down jackets are good as they can be stuffed in to pack. Good walking boots make the trip much more pleasurable if there is a lot of walking involved. With walking boots it is a matter of going into an outdoor shop and testing the boots out.

Men and Women

 Walking Boots (waterproof)
 Shoes
 Sandals
Socks Woollen or Synthetic (+inner socks)
 Underwear
 Thermals
 Swimming costume
 Trousers
 Jeans
 Shorts
 Shirts
 Long sleeve shirts
 Waterproof fleece vest
 Woollen Jumper
 Goretex Jacket
 Down Jacket
 Hat
 Sunglasses
 Belt with hidden compartment

Women Only

 Bra (sports and regular)
 Dresses
 Safety pins
 Sarong /Sari /Kikoy
 Scarf
 Skirts


There are a variety of lightweight waterproof toiletry bags available these days that make it easy to carry your toiletries.

Men and Women

 Comb or brush
 Contraceptives
 Contact lens equipment or glasses
 Dental floss (small size)
 Deodorant
 Shaver
 Razors
 Shampoo and conditioner
 Shaving cream (in tube)
 Soap (small travel size)
 Sunscreen
 Travel Toothbrush
 Toothpaste (small travel size)

Women Only

 Lip balm
 Make-up and Mirror
 Tampons and pads
 Moisturiser (face and body)

Useful Travel Accessories

 Camera – plus SD cards, charger and spare batteries
Combination locks (keys can be lost) and chains
Day pack
Dry sack (if doing water activities)
Waterproof cases (for phones or tablets)
Universal electrical adapter
Portable Power Unit (if travelling to areas without power)
Phrase book and/or dictionary
 International driving license (obtain from your automobile association)
Mosquito net
Water Purifiers (if travelling somewhere remote)
 Insect repellent (with DEET)
 Passport photos
Silicone bottles (for keeping food or toiletries)
Travel pillow
Travel organisers
 Sleeping bag & mat
Silk sleep sheet (keeps out dust mites and bed bugs)
Swiss army knife (with the lot)
Small torch
Travel towel
travel umbrella
 Waterproof watch with alarm or small alarm clock
 Hand sanitiser
Pegless clothes line
 Needle
Pack of waterproof cards (transcends languages)
Luggage tags (to quickly identify your luggage on the carousel)
 Sunglasses (plastic for cold climates)

Specialist Needs

 Glasses and spare set
 Hearing aids and spare batteries

Travelling with Children

 Milk bottle for baby
 Baby food
 Baby powder
 Backpack baby carrier
 Wet wipes
 Bibs
 Changing mat
 Children’s books
 Children’s pain reliever (Panadol)
 Doll or toy
 Extra clothes
 Lollies for in planes – take off and landing
 Disposable nappies
 Sun hat


Ensure that all gear does not exceed 20kgs per person (less if your flights have lower weight limits). If you can manage 10kgs, then you may be able to carry on your luggage. If you have breakables, pack them in socks and clothes. Stuff sacks, travel organisers and compression sacks can be useful in making more use of the space available.

Remember to pack light. If you can’t carry it don’t take it

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