Sandman Eyeshade Eagle Creek

Sandman Eyeshade Eagle Creek


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Sandman Eyeshade

Eagle Creek Sandman Eyeshade will help you gain a great night’s sleep. From the complete darkness to the comfortable microfleece it will help you get the shut eye you need on your next plane trip.

Made of micro fleece, this ultra comfy eyeshade with lights out coverage helps give your eyes the indulgence of luxurious rest and relaxation… whether for use at home or while traveling. Should there be a difference? We value travel comfort because we value experiencing everyday delights.

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep and being on the road travelling should be no exception. Make sure that you have a good sleeping bag, a good sleeping bag liner and of course some eyeshades for when you are on an overnight plane, train or bus. We stock a number of high quality eyeshades. These include the Sandman Eyeshade. Get some shut eye, even in a crowded place.

Product Specs
WEIGHT: 1 oz /28 g
Micro Fleece (Charcoal)

Embossed Micro Fleece (Jade Bali)

Fox Fleece (Magenta)

DIMENSIONS:10.5 x 4.5 in / 27 x 11 cm

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Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek

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