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Ear Buds

The Ear Buds pack from Korjo contains five sizes of cushioned ear cups in each pack for best personal fit.
Acoustic vent delivers clean, dynamic base
3.5mm gold-plated stereo plug
1.2m cord
Frequency range 12-23,500 hz
For use with smartphones, music players tablets and laptops.

Korjo Buds
If you are travelling around the world, you often spend a great deal of time on planes, trains and automobiles. For some of us, we want to watch our smart devices and read about the next destination or entertain ourselves. A pair of these will help immensely. Not only will we have something that allows us to listen but we will have something that provides high quality audio.

One set of superior quality “in ear” style buds – ideal for travel or home use.

Perfect for use with smartphones, music players, tablets and laptops. If you like good sound and you like to be able to listen to your devices whilst travelling you need a pair of these.

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