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rfid credit card defender korjo

RFID Credit Card Defender Korjo

RFID Credit Card Defender Korjo

RFID Credit Card Defender Korjo protects your credit card details from being accessed without your permission. Slip your credit card into this pouch, throw it in a backpack and get on with your travels. You will be free from the worry that someone may be trying to steal your personal information.

Many modern passports and credit cards contain RFID chips containing sensitive personal information. To protect you from unwanted people getting access to this data, KORJO’s RFID blocking accessories designs block out transmissions. Moreover, this protects personal information stored in your RFID chip on your passport or credit card.

Securing your money whilst travelling is important stuff. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Moreover, don’t let the criminals get your credit card data. The KORJO CREDIT CARD DEFENDER has a patented embedded RFID Shielding Substrate which prevents RFID theft.

  • Blocks 13.56MHz and 860-960MHz transmissions
  • FIPS 201 Compliant
  • Shields ISO 14443/15693 and EPC Gen1/Gen2 cards and tags.

The Korjo credit card defender is an ideal way to protect your credit card details from would be credit card scammers.

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pegless clothesline

Pegless Clothesline – Korjo

Pegless Clothesline

An ingenious, go-anywhere pegless clothesline (Dirty undies not included). Instead of using pegs, it is made from twisted elastic line, with metal end-hooks. The Korjo pegless line stretches to 10 feet (3 metres), but takes up almost no room in your case or bag.

It is portable, easy to use, environmentally friendly, saves time at laundromats. It is lightweight and bringing down the washing is a cinch with no peg marks.

Hotel laundry costs can be expensive and may take more time than you are staying there. Quite often they are more expensive that the room itself and it may take at least 24 hours to complete. A sure-fire way to save money on laundry is by hand washing your clothes in a hotel sink. However drying your clothes can be a problem without a clothes line.

The Korjo Travel Clothes Line doesn’t require any pegs, you simply slip your laundry between the tight elastic strands. The elastic is under enough tension to hold in your clothes – or you can drape them over the line as well.

It uses metal hooks at each end of the elastic to attach to itself or anchor points.

Don’t leave home without yours. Save money today and buy yours at Travel Ideology.

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travel socks

Travel Socks Black – Korjo

Travel socks by Korjo  are scientifically designed, and amazingly comfortable.
They have ideal graduated compression. They are great for travel, designed to help prevent risk of circulatory problems such as Deep Vein Thrombosis, swollen ankles and tired aching legs. Furthermore, Korjo’s compression socks are perfect for long-haul flights and are comfortable to wear around the sights.

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition that occurs when blood clots form in veins deep inside your body. These clots can occur anywhere in the body. However, this condition often affects the lower legs or thighs. It happens most regularly on long haul flights. The pressure created by the socks pushes fluid up the leg, which allows blood to flow freely from the legs to the heart. Compression stockings not only improve blood flow, but also reduce swelling and pain. They are particularly recommended for the prevention of DVT because the pressure stops blood from clotting.

For Father’s Day, don’t just give a pair of socks. Give a pair of compression socks from Travel Ideology. For Valentine’s Day, only a pair of socks from Travel Ideology will do. When you get one of these pairs for whatever occasion, you won’t be laughing your socks off.

They are made in a fashionable unisex black colour and are proudly sold by Travel Ideology in Australia.

Materials: Coolmax, Lycra, Nylon
Suitable for men & women who travel with tired feet.

Small – Women: 4.5-7; Men 2-5 (Europe 34-38)
Medium – Women 8-11; Men 6-9 (Europe 39-43)
Large – Women 12+; Men 10-14 (Europe 44-48)

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travel iron

Travel Iron – Steam and Dry – Korjo

Travel Iron

The Travel Iron Steam and Dry by Korjo is the Worlds best Iron for Travelling!
It is a brilliant design. Powerful jet of steam makes light work of the heaviest of fabrics.
The dual voltage settings allow for easy use worldwide. It comes with an Australian plug. This is easily convertible to any other plug with a converter.

This iron is smaller than other travel irons and just as powerful. If you want a reliable iron for your travels, this is the one.

Folds flat to measure 180mm x 100mm x 40mm and comes with a handy carry pouch
Weighs only 540g

Korjo ensures that all irons are compliant with Australian and New Zealand standards and regulations.
Every Korjo electrical travel iron is rigorously tested to comply with the relevant Australian and New Zealand Electrical Standards.

travel hair dryer

Travel Hair Dryer – Korjo

Travel Hair Dryer

The travel hair dryer by Korjo is a lightweight but powerful hair dryer (1250 watts) with 2 heat/speed settings. It offers dual voltage for worldwide use and folds up to a compact size for easy packing.

Why bring a full sized hair dryer with you on your trip or no hair dryer? This Hair Dryer makes the decision an easy one. Do you wish you could bring a hair dryer with you on your travels?

Have long hair? This is for you. Ever got your clothes wet and needed them dry by morning? This is a great solution.

Fitted with: Approved Australian plug & cord.

Every Korjo hair dryer is rigorously tested to comply with the relevant Australian and New Zealand Electrical Standards. This product complies to all Australian regulations and standards providing highest quality for Australian and New Zealand conditions. Note that Australian electrical standards exceed those required for Europe and USA.

Quality travel appliances is what Korjo is known for. From travel converters, to travel jugs to water boilers, to travel irons, to travel hair dryers Korjo simply manufactures quality travel appliances.

Buy yours today at Travel Ideology.

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travel belt

Travel Belt (concealed zip) – Korjo

Travel Belt (concealed zip)

The Korjo travel Belt (concealed zip) looks like a normal belt – but conceals a secret zippered compartment to hide and protect money. Thieves often target travellers, therefore it is important to keep a separate “stash” of cash. Keep the amount of money that you plan to use in your pocket or wallet, and keep the rest hidden away.

The Travel Belt looks like a normal belt – but the inside lining has a large zippered compartment where you can hide cash! Wear it like a normal belt. It looks like a normal belt but has a hidden pocket for concealing your extra cash. When you go travelling this is invaluable. Korjo is a quality brand for some very clever products. This one is no exception. You can wear it on your travels or at home.

One size fits all – up to approx. 48 inches / 122cm.
Colour: black belt with silver buckle

The concealed zip is approx 60cm long.

Korjo and Travel Ideology are both Australian travel gear specialists so more of your travel dollars stay in Australia.

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digital luggage scales korjo

Digital Luggage Scales Korjo

Digital Luggage Scales Korjo

Digital Luggage Scales Korjo is tiny, lightweight, powerful, elegant,sleek and very easy to use. Take it on any trip and avoid excess costs.

With airlines around the world looking to make a profit on what was originally included, many budget airlines have popped up. On top of that, major airlines failing to compete effectively, have offered stripped down tickets. These tickets often do not even include luggage. Others do include some hand held luggage. More and more, a few kilograms over the weight restriction can end up costing a fortune. Save money, save time and invest in a digital luggage scales here and now.

Designed in Australia
Crafted from stainless steel and durable materials
Weighs up to 110Lbs or 50 Kg
Ergonomically designed
Fast auto-locking feature
Backlit LCD Display
2 x CR2032 Batteries included
Simple to use
Length 14.8cm

The auto locking feature means that you can simply weigh your luggage – once you hear the “beep”, you can put the luggage down and read the displayed weight at your leisure.

For best prices on all your travel gear and accessories see Travel Ideology, your Australian one stop shop for quality travel accessories and gear.

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coathanger duo pack inflatable

Coathanger Duo Pack – Inflatable – Korjo

Coathanger Duo Pack – Inflatable

The coathanger duo pack is a very handy pair of coathangers – inflate for speedy drip drying of wet clothes.
Hanging clothes for drying can help decrease the need for ironing and bringing your standard everyday coathangers is awkward and cumbersome. These inflatable coathanger duo pack is just the answer. It provides a neat compact solution to clothes hanging whilst travelling.

Just blow them up and you’re set. With less than enough breath to blow up a balloon you have a handy set of coathangers for your trip. When not being used they fold away to next to nothing.

They can even be useful as spare hangers at home on your return.

Note: 2 hangers per pack

travel jug korjo

Korjo Travel Jug

Travel Jug, Korjo

Korjo Travel Jug is a home-away-from-home luxury, safety and convenience. With a 400ml capacity, it fills 2 ample cups (cups included).
Automatic safety cut out.
Reset button and on/off light.
Lightweight (400g) and compact.
Boils 2 cups in approx. 4 min based on 240V

So you like to travel off the beaten path and you also like your cup of coffee or tea? This is exactly what you want? Able to be used in countries all around the world with an adapter (not included) you will have your cuppa within 5 minutes. Want some boiling water for your minute noodles? This does the trick. Need some boiling water for shaving? Need to sterilise something quickly? this is your answer.

“TRUE” dual voltage: 650W on 110V and 240V

Korjo sells a range of travel accessories to assist business and leisure travellers from Australia & around the world to have a comfortable, safe and convenient trip. This provides home-away-from-home luxury, safety and convenience. Need to sterilise some water for drinking? You want this travel kettle.

Dimensions & Weight: 19 x 15 x 9cm, 0.58kg

This travel jug is a great product for those who want or need boiling water whilst travelling. Buy yours today at Travel Ideology, your one stop shop for high quality travel gear.

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water boiler

Korjo Water Boiler

Water Boiler

Korjo Water Boiler is convenient for tea & coffee making wherever you are. Boiling water for purification significantly reduces the risk of infection. Do you need to boil baby bottles when travelling? This is the solution.

Korjo sells a range of travel accessories to assist business and leisure travellers from Australia & around the world to have a comfortable, safe and convenient trip.

This convenient and compact device for boiling your water.

  • Saves a fortune in tea and coffee expenses
  • Thermal cut-out to prevent overheating
  • New spacer guard for added safety
  • Boils a cup of water in approx. three minutes on 240 volts
  • Boiling purifies water which may otherwise pose a health risk

This device complies with new Australian Safety Standards so you know it is safe.
In many countries, a kettle is not provided in your room. Take one of these or a travel jug.

The Korjo water boiler is fitted with an Australian electrical plug. Other converters are available.
The dual voltage water boiler can boil a cup of water in 3-4 mins on 240V*.

* NOTE:  In 110V countries (like USA, Canada, Japan) boiling time is significantly slower due to the lower power input.

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travel laundry wash

Travel Laundry Wash

Travel Laundry Wash

Travel laundry wash ensures that you are ready to wash your clothes whilst travelling. A high sudsing liquid laundry wash in a specially designed plastic travel bottle. Moreover, the laundry liquid has brighteners for a sparkling wash.

Sometimes hotel laundries cannot turn around your wash in the time you are staying there, on other times, they are closed on Sundays or charge a huge premium. Moreover, laundry costs in hotels can be astronomical. However, with some laundry liquid, a clothes line and a little effort, these costs can be easily avoided. Save yourself a fortune and at least wash your undies this way.

Requires only a small qty of LW 47 per wash.
Size: 100ml (can be carried on planes, as complies with the new LAGS regulations)

Usage Instructions:
Use approximately half to one tablespoon of the laundry liquid (depending on the number of garments) in a hand basin of warm water. 1. Place plug in basin. 2. Pour in the wash liquid. 3. Turn on tap for maximum suds. 4. Wash clothing.

This travel wash is excellent as it’s high sudsing, doesn’t leave a soapy build up and is small, light and easy to carry. Just a teaspoonful in a sink & you can handwash your clothes, saving time & money.

Care Instructions:
Do not apply the liquid directly onto clothes.

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alarm clock

Alarm Clock Analogue Korjo

Alarm Clock Analogue Korjo

This is the classic travel alarm clock.
Features: Quality clock movement, loud crescendo alarm, snooze button and an excellent night light.

Every Korjo electrical product, including clocks, is rigorously tested to comply with the relevant Australian and New Zealand Electrical Standards.

Don’t leave on your travels without this high quality analogue travel clock.


  • quartz accuracy
  • crescendo alarm
  • night light and luminous hands
  • snooze button
  • compact size
  • stylish old style time piece
  • free AA battery included

For all the best and highest quality travel gear and travel accessories at the very best prices in Australia, contact Travel Ideology.

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