Sea to Summit Clothesline

Sea to Summit Clothesline




Sea to Summit Clothesline

Sea to Summit Clothesline is one of the most compact travel clothes line available. Australians have long been innovators in the field of clothes drying. Sea to Summit is proud to continue this tradition with this no stretch, no peg, adjustable clothes line. Light and compact enough to travel with.

Have you ever looked at the prices the hotels laundry charge? It is often enough to make you want to go and buy a new set of clothes. This small well designed drying unit and can help you to significantly reduce your laundry bills if you hand wash in your hotel rooms and hang your clothes to dry in your hotel bathrooms. Just don’t forget the travel laundry wash and you’re set.

This is certainly one of the smallest lightweight packed clothes drying solutions available, making it ideal for your next trip .

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No pegs required
Tiny storage pouch
Unique beaded, cord design secures items even in wind
Length Packed Size Weight
3.5m 50 x 70 x 20mm 22g

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Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit

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