Mini Pocket Umbrella | Sea to Summit

Mini Pocket Umbrella | Sea to Summit


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Mini Pocket Umbrella

The Sea to Summit mini pocket umbrella is small enough, light enough and affordable enough to leave one in your
daypack, glovebox, at home and at work.

Keep the rain off your head when you travel and do so with this ingenious umbrella that is small enough to pack without taking up too much space or weight.

Some countries are completely dry. Namibia has something like 360 days of sunshine a year. The Atacama desert in Chile has an average rainfall of as little as 0.04 inches per year and meaningful rainfall of about 1.5 inches only once per century on average. Other countries it can rain all the time. For example India has its monsoon season and Iceland rains in the lead up to Xmas. In these countries, it is really important to have something to keep the rain off your head.


  • Tiny packed size – weighs only 155 grams!
  • open span is 72cm
  • Great for photography, travel, emergency use
  • compact
  • lightweight
  • black
  • high quality

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Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit

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