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Combination TSA Lock | Sea to Summit


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A combination TSA lock is important, especially when travelling to the USA.

With airport security increasing, we want you to arrive at your destination with your luggage locked and secure. Avoid having your padlocks cut off or worse, your zip sliders cut off by using our padlocks which are Travel Sentry® approved and feature the Red Diamond, alerting the TSA and other airport security agencies that they can open these locks without destroying them.
Combination TSA Lock is a lightweight three-dial combination lock, perfect for lockable zip sliders and will join most double-pull zips. 41g
Combo Cable TSA Lock adds versatility for oversize zips or unusual closures and/or keeping several bags together.

It is important to be able to secure your baggage. However, if you are going to the USA, you either use TSA approved locks that allow US Customs to open and close your bags or you face the probability that your locks wil be cut off. If this happens you will be unable to secure your bags until you replace your locks.

Description Weight
Combination Lock 41g
Combo Cable Lock 46g

Secure your lock today with Travel Ideology.

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