Leather Pouch 18, Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Pouch 05690

Leather Pouch 18, Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Pouch 05690


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Leather Pouch 18 is designed or 2-4 Layers Knives up to 90mm. Be practical in protecting your tools and knives. Get the Victorinox Black Leather Sheath Lockblades and Tools with Leather Pouches from us!

You can used it for pocket knife or tools with 2-3 layers up to 111mm. Layers are the number of tools your knife has on one side.

This is the ideal way to carry your Swiss Champ or other large Swiss Army Knife.

This Victorinox Sheath will make it easier for you to attach it to your belt making sure that your knife is secure. Always keep your knife within arm’s reach!

Leather Pouch 18 is a Victorinox Black Pouch to go on your Belt.

  • For 2-4 Layers Pocket Tools
  • Fits Tools/Knives up to 90mm in length
  • High quality Black leather
  • Velcro Flap Closure

Victorinox Limited Lifetime Warranty

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