Leather Pouch 1 – Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Pouch 05599

Leather Pouch 1 – Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Pouch 05599



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Leather Pouch 1

Victorinox Leather Pouch 1 for 1-2 Layers Classic Knives
The Victorinox Pouch 1 for 1-2 Layers Pocket Tools is an excellent addition to your Swiss Classic pocket knife. It fits a combination of Swiss Tools/Knives up to 58mm in length. High quality Black leather

It is a great way of carrying and making convenient your small classic Swiss Army Knife. Attaching neatly to your belt you will always have your Swiss Classic accessible (except when travelling on a plane). It is the best way to carry knives like the Elinox, Hiker, Combi, Tinker, Spartan or Camper. Rather than placing the knife in your pocket and letting it slowly wear away or placing it in your baggage and then trying to find it when you need it, just have it in a pouch (except when travelling on a plane).


  • black leather outer
  • red felt inner

Victorinox knives are known for their high quality. It comes with the Victorinox Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Travel Ideology is proud to resell the knives and accessories in Australia. Buy your pouch today from Travel Ideology, your one stop shop for high quality travel gear and accessories.

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