Official Swiss Soldiers Knife Victorinox

Official Swiss Soldiers Knife Victorinox


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Official Swiss soldiers knife Victorinox is a classic. For over 100 years, Swiss soldiers have carried Victorinox pocket knives. However, you don’t have to join the military of a land locked country to own one of these gems. And the latest iteration is even stronger, lighter and more functional than before. The manufacturer is well known for its high quality blades. Furthermore, with its 10 functions and grippy two-component scales, this 111 millimeter pocket knife can easily stand up to whatever you throw at it. Here’s to the next 100 years!

The knife is a lot longer than previous iterations is about 13.5cm, making it even easier to handle for major cutting jobs. Moreover, the large opening on the primary blade allows for easy one-handed operation. This is useful for cutting food or whatever else is required. Whether you are cutting up a fish you caught at camp, opening a can of food to cook for dinner or cutting down some wood for a fire, this tool has you covered. Need to change the batteries and the cover is screwed in, this will have you sorted. Want to open a cold one? There is even a bottle opener. There’s even a key ring so that you can attach them and keep everything together in your pocket. The blade, like all from this manufacturer keeps its edge well. The grip is both secure and comfortable regardless of conditions. There is a liner lock on the main blade as well as the opposite end of the knife for the large slotted screw driver. Whether you need something for camping, trekking, climbing or travelling, this is a great companion. Need to strip some wire and rewire it? It even does that. Well not the actual work. But you can do so with it.



  • blade, large with wavy edge
  • reamer, punch
  • bottle opener
  • wire stripper
  • Screwdriver 5 mm, lockable
  • wood saw
  • Phillips screwdriver 1 / 2
  • can opener
  • screwdriver 3 mm
  • key ring


Net weight 131 g
Color: Black
Length: 111 mm
Width: 34.5 mm
Height: 18 mm


  • Scale material Two-component scales
  • Size 111 mm
  • Blade lockable Yes
  • One hand blade Yes
  • Edge Size 79 mm

This Knife marvel is made in Switzerland by the original Swiss Knife manufacturer. Moreover, it offers the highest quality stainless steel blades and fittings. Furthermore, it carries a Lifetime warranty fully backed by Victorinox, the Swiss manufacturer and Travel Ideology, your Australian online retailer.

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