Small tweezers Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Small tweezers Victorinox Swiss Army Knife


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Replacement small Tweezers for Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Don’t be left without yours. Travel Ideology only stock genuine small replacement tweezers for your Swiss Army Knife.

If you have lost some parts of your Swiss Army Knife like a small tweezers, mini screwdriver or pen you can now get them replaced with genuine Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Spare Parts.

A pair of small tweezers is an essential part of your kit. If you have a splinter or small foreign objects such as glass, dirt, wood and also used to lift gauze swabs when cleaning a wound. They can be used in manicuring and shaping eyebrows.

We know how hard they can be to find so we have the full range of spare parts available here from ONLY $2.50.

Don’t ever get left without the small parts that sometimes get left behind.

Travel Ideology looks after all your Victorinox needs. From the biggest and most complex Swiss Army Knives to the individual parts, Travel Ideology has you covered. Make your Swiss army knife complete again. Replace your small tweezers today. You never know when you will need them.

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