Tinker Large Swiss Army Knife Victorinox

Tinker Large Swiss Army Knife Victorinox


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Tinker Large Swiss Army Knife Victorinox

Tinker Large Swiss Army Knife Victorinox is great for travelling. Whether you’re simply moving through your day or journeying around the world, the Tinker pocket knife is a knife for travellers. You never know what you’ll encounter out there; but you know that you and your Tinker will always be ready for anything.

About the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

The success story of Victorinox began with the “Officer’s Knife” in 1897. The latest generation of the world famous originals continues the virtues of yesterday, while nevertheless still meeting the demands of today with regard to functionality, user friendliness and quality. The extensive range of models is continually being revised, and you are therefore sure to find the right “Officer’s Knife” for every application. The common element between them all is their proverbial reliability and the perfection down to detail.

The Swiss Army Knife Tinker is a great little knife with the following functions:


12 Tools:
large blade
small blade
can opener with…
small screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
bottle opener with…
large screwdriver and
wire stripper
reamer with sewing eye, punch
key ring


Colour of Product:
9.1 cm
2.6 cm
1.4 cm
63 g
Primary Material:
Stainless Steel

Made in Switzerland by the original Swiss Army Knife manufacturer, Victorinox.
Lifetime warranty fully backed by Travel Ideology, the Australian Distributor and Swiss manufacturer. (Beware internet grey importers who sell cheap but void your warranty)
Highest quality stainless steel blades and fittings.

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