Digital Luggage Scales Korjo

Digital Luggage Scales Korjo


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Digital Luggage Scales Korjo

Digital Luggage Scales Korjo is tiny, lightweight, powerful, elegant,sleek and very easy to use. Take it on any trip and avoid excess costs.

With airlines around the world looking to make a profit on what was originally included, many budget airlines have popped up. On top of that, major airlines failing to compete effectively, have offered stripped down tickets. These tickets often do not even include luggage. Others do include some hand held luggage. More and more, a few kilograms over the weight restriction can end up costing a fortune. Save money, save time and invest in a digital luggage scales here and now.

Designed in Australia
Crafted from stainless steel and durable materials
Weighs up to 110Lbs or 50 Kg
Ergonomically designed
Fast auto-locking feature
Backlit LCD Display
2 x CR2032 Batteries included
Simple to use
Length 14.8cm

The auto locking feature means that you can simply weigh your luggage – once you hear the “beep”, you can put the luggage down and read the displayed weight at your leisure.

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