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Pegless Clothesline – Korjo



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Pegless Clothesline

An ingenious, go-anywhere pegless clothesline (Dirty undies not included). Instead of using pegs, it is made from twisted elastic line, with metal end-hooks. The Korjo pegless line stretches to 10 feet (3 metres), but takes up almost no room in your case or bag.

It is portable, easy to use, environmentally friendly, saves time at laundromats. It is lightweight and bringing down the washing is a cinch with no peg marks.

Hotel laundry costs can be expensive and may take more time than you are staying there. Quite often they are more expensive that the room itself and it may take at least 24 hours to complete. A sure-fire way to save money on laundry is by hand washing your clothes in a hotel sink. However drying your clothes can be a problem without a clothes line.

The Korjo Travel Clothes Line doesn’t require any pegs, you simply slip your laundry between the tight elastic strands. The elastic is under enough tension to hold in your clothes – or you can drape them over the line as well.

It uses metal hooks at each end of the elastic to attach to itself or anchor points.

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