RFID Money Belt – Korjo

RFID Money Belt – Korjo


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RFID Money Belt

Buy a rfid money belt and protect yourself against identity theft! This comfortable money belt hides and carries your money, passport, credit cards etc.

The RFID blocking material stops Radio Frequency (RF) readers from gathering the important private data from the smart chips in your credit card and passport.

Why would you leave yourself open in this day and age to credit card skimming? With RFID money belts available so cheaply you don’t have to. Scanners and hackers can use RFID devices to read the numbers on your credit cards and then spend on your credit card. With this device that is no longer a threat.

Money security is always of paramount importance when travelling. You have to have access to your money when travelling and not everyone everywhere in the world accepts credit card. A money belt or money pouch is often a great way to keep your cash, passport and credit cards safe.

Size: Approx. 27cm x 12cm
3 zippered compartments
Soft, comfortable, adjustable waist belt
Quick Drying, ultra soft microfiber
Blocks RF 10-300MHz
Colour: Tan

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