Travel Hair Dryer – Korjo

Travel Hair Dryer – Korjo


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Travel Hair Dryer

The travel hair dryer by Korjo is a lightweight but powerful hair dryer (1250 watts) with 2 heat/speed settings. It offers dual voltage for worldwide use and folds up to a compact size for easy packing.

Why bring a full sized hair dryer with you on your trip or no hair dryer? This Hair Dryer makes the decision an easy one. Do you wish you could bring a hair dryer with you on your travels?

Have long hair? This is for you. Ever got your clothes wet and needed them dry by morning? This is a great solution.

Fitted with: Approved Australian plug & cord.

Every Korjo hair dryer is rigorously tested to comply with the relevant Australian and New Zealand Electrical Standards. This product complies to all Australian regulations and standards providing highest quality for Australian and New Zealand conditions. Note that Australian electrical standards exceed those required for Europe and USA.

Quality travel appliances is what Korjo is known for. From travel converters, to travel jugs to water boilers, to travel irons, to travel hair dryers Korjo simply manufactures quality travel appliances.

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