USB Power Adapter 4 slot (with international heads) – Korjo

USB Power Adapter 4 slot (with international heads) – Korjo


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USB Power Adapter 4 slot (with international heads)

USB Power Adapter 4 slot by Korjo allows you to connect and charge up to 4 USB devices directly to a mains socket, anywhere in the world.

The USB charger is suitable for charging most USB devices, including iPhone, iPad, mobile phones, Samsung Galaxy, Tablets, digital cameras, GPS, Game Consoles… With 4 interchangeable plugs (AUS, US/Japan, Europe, UK) for worldwide use Automatic multi-voltage 100-240V Output 2.1A Max. (Unlike 0.5A and 1A USB chargers, devices such as iPad can draw sufficient power from the Korjo USB 04 to charge quickly and efficiently). It meets Australian electrical standards which surpass those of USA and Europe.

Never leave home without it. Don’t get caught without charge for your mobile phone, smart watch or camera. This device allows charging of up to 4 devices. You can take one or two for your whole family. That way you can charge your mobile phones, tablets and ipads as well as your cameras.

Use with your own USB cables (cables not included in this package) Instructions included.

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