TSA Flexi Cable Lock – Korjo

TSA Flexi Cable Lock – Korjo



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TSA Flexi Cable Lock

TSA flexi cable lock is a great cable lock for your travels and is able to be used in the USA. This smart, secure TSA approved lock adds flexibility to the normally rigid shackles.

Set your own combination – simple instructions enclosed
Available in Black or Silver.

Travel to the USA without a TSA approved lock can be problematic. If the US Customs decides that they want to search your bags they will just open them. If you do not have TSA approved locks they will just cut the locks off. This means that when you collect your luggage it is unsecured until you purchase a new lock. This solved your problem.

* The US Travel Security Agency (TSA) and Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs (HMRC) maintain the right to open any case, even if it is locked. This means that they can cut off your normal lock, destroying it forever. The Korjo Travel Sentry Lock solves this problem – you can now lock your case again without worrying that it will be destroyed by the TSA/HMRC.
– Set your own combination (instructions enclosed).
– Authorised TSA / HMRC agents use a secured tool to open the lock, check your case and relock it (without ever learning your combination).

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