Umbrella – Korjo

Umbrella – Korjo


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This umbrella is brilliant, lightweight (300g) and compact (folds to 27cm) but with sturdy & reliable features automatic opening and closing. The strong aluminium, resin and fibreglass construction ensures this unit will quickly revert the umbrella if inverted by the wind. It has a compact and lightweight construction which is easy to keep handy in case of bad weather. Its windproof function allows you to revert the it to its correct shape if inverted by the wind by simply pressing the open button. It has a durable aluminium, resin and fibreglass construction. You can easily open it using the simple to use automatic opening and closing system.

Some countries provide everlasting sunshine. Others guarantee rain but are lush green and offer stunning fjords and waterfalls. It often pays to have protection in the latter of these countries. Monsoons bring predictable rains every afternoon. Sometimes it will rain cats and dogs. Moreover, umbrellas are your protection against these cats and dogs. Don’t be without a travel umbrella in rains on your trip.

It makes a perfect travel companion for countries where wet weather is likely to be encountered and is approximately 96 cm wide.

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