Korjo Water Boiler

Korjo Water Boiler


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Water Boiler

Korjo Water Boiler is convenient for tea & coffee making wherever you are. Boiling water for purification significantly reduces the risk of infection. Do you need to boil baby bottles when travelling? This is the solution.

Korjo sells a range of travel accessories to assist business and leisure travellers from Australia & around the world to have a comfortable, safe and convenient trip.

This convenient and compact device for boiling your water.

  • Saves a fortune in tea and coffee expenses
  • Thermal cut-out to prevent overheating
  • New spacer guard for added safety
  • Boils a cup of water in approx. three minutes on 240 volts
  • Boiling purifies water which may otherwise pose a health risk

This device complies with new Australian Safety Standards so you know it is safe.
In many countries, a kettle is not provided in your room. Take one of these or a travel jug.

The Korjo water boiler is fitted with an Australian electrical plug. Other converters are available.
The dual voltage water boiler can boil a cup of water in 3-4 mins on 240V*.

* NOTE:  In 110V countries (like USA, Canada, Japan) boiling time is significantly slower due to the lower power input.

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