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WordLock Combination Letters – Korjo

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WordLock Combination Letters

Introducing the new Easy to Set, Never Forget Wordlock combination letters!

Some people find it hard to remember the number combination of their lock. Wordlock uses letters instead of numbers – many people find it easier to remember a simple 4 letter word.

WordLock maintains the highest standard of security for personal and commercial locks, without using any keys or arbitrary number combinations. Instead, WordLock uses your memory’s natural preference for keywords and the alphabet, allowing you to set and change your own combination from thousands of possible word and letter combinations.

Traditional locks require keys or they make you remember confusing sequences of numbers. Those days are over, thanks to WordLock’s advances in lock technology.

Security, creativity and usability come together in the original family of WordLock padlocks, bike locks, travel locks and cable locks. WordLock… Easy to set, never forget.
– Authorised by the TSA for use in USA
– Choose your own 4 letter word (10,000 unique combinations)
– Ideal for luggage, backpacks, lockers…
– Available in 4 colours

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