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Travel Laundry Wash



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Travel Laundry Wash

Travel laundry wash ensures that you are ready to wash your clothes whilst travelling. A high sudsing liquid laundry wash in a specially designed plastic travel bottle. Moreover, the laundry liquid has brighteners for a sparkling wash.

Sometimes hotel laundries cannot turn around your wash in the time you are staying there, on other times, they are closed on Sundays or charge a huge premium. Moreover, laundry costs in hotels can be astronomical. However, with some laundry liquid, a clothes line and a little effort, these costs can be easily avoided. Save yourself a fortune and at least wash your undies this way.

Requires only a small qty of LW 47 per wash.
Size: 100ml (can be carried on planes, as complies with the new LAGS regulations)

Usage Instructions:
Use approximately half to one tablespoon of the laundry liquid (depending on the number of garments) in a hand basin of warm water. 1. Place plug in basin. 2. Pour in the wash liquid. 3. Turn on tap for maximum suds. 4. Wash clothing.

This travel wash is excellent as it’s high sudsing, doesn’t leave a soapy build up and is small, light and easy to carry. Just a teaspoonful in a sink & you can handwash your clothes, saving time & money.

Care Instructions:
Do not apply the liquid directly onto clothes.

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