Luggage Tags Plastic – Korjo

Luggage Tags Plastic – Korjo


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Luggage Tags Plastic

Luggage Tags Plastic by Korjo are a lightweight, attractive and inexpensive luggage tags They have the option of exposing or concealing your name & address details. Australian pride / memento – choose the Aussie flag or map.

Luggage tags are an important way to quickly identify your luggage and to prove your ownership. After a long haul plane ride, there is a queue up for immigration formalities. Once through you are finally at the luggage carousel tired and wanting to get to your hotel. A barrage of black suitcases approach, all looking the same. Which one is yours? Moreover, if your bag is similar to other bags, always have a tag on it so that you can identify your quickly.

Have you ever walked up to the luggage carousel only to see a lot of bags that all look similar to yours? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way of identifying yours? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to prove that it was yours without spending a fortune? Korjo Luggage Tags are the answer.

Travel Ideology offer a range of luggage tags to help you identify your baggage.

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