Personalised Luggage Tags




Personalised Luggage Tags

Create your own personalised luggage tags. We make two of exactly the same design. You create your design and upload it to us using the specifications below. We print it and add a backing plate to keep it from breaking (and to hide your contact details) and a quality cord to attach it to your luggage without breaking. Pricing includes free postage within Australia.

We print your name and phone number on the hidden reverse side of the luggage tags.
Personalised Luggage Tag - Reverse side
We will ask you details for the back of tag at checkout.

Specifications for your front image
Please create your JPG at 1370 x 2126 pixels using the CMYK colour space. Name the file with your surname for ease of identification. If there are multiple designs required, then use your surname and then 1,2,3,4,etc as the name. Please note that you must own the copyright to any images submitted.

We will email you when we receive your order. Please email your design back to us.

For more information, please have a look at Personalised Luggage Tags


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