Toilet Seat Covers – Korjo

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Toilet Seat Covers

Toilet Seat Covers by Korjo are sold in Australia by Travel Ideology.

This pocket sized pack of 10 paper seat covers is small and compact enough to be taken anywhere.

Have you ever entered a toilet where the smell was so bad that you had to hold your breath the whole time? How hygienic do you think the toilet seat was? Did you really want to sit on in? Wouldn’t you prefer to protect your bottom when doing the number 2?

These seat covers are hygienic and biodegradable. Simply place a cover on the toilet seat and drop the flap into the bowl – when you are finished, flush the toilet and the cover simply disappears down the toilet drain.

Protect your bottom with a set of Korjo Toilet Seat Covers. Buy from Travel Ideology for best value.





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